About Us     Clientele

  • Incorporated in 2001 in Mumbai
  • As an entrepreneurially run premier knowledge based emerging market development company
  • Part of the Manoobhai Doongursee Group  which is in existence for most of the 20th century as a  socially responsible business group that has skillfully skirted the excesses of the ‘90’s and the early 21st century
  • Clients including Indian and other Emerging Market Businesses and Organizations (Government & Non- Government) seeking to grow and access global markets for business, trade and investments
  • Delivering decision-making methodologies for enterprise excellence, productivity, efficiency, collaboration, & innovation, customized to clients needs, across sectors and run as engagement projects.
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What we do

  • Your methods – strategies, plans, marketing, finance, IT, HR
  • Your markets – strategies for your expansion in India and Overseas
  • Your Money – strategies for sourcing funds in India and Overseas
  • Your seminars – in India and overseas
  • Your internships – in India

What we bring

  • Macro perspectives as India's premier knowledge based emerging market development company.
  • Offices in Mumbai & Pune in India.
  • External strategic alliances developing in North America, Canada, Central & South America, Africa, Middle East, China, S.E. Asia, rest of South Asia and Australia - who add local expertise and know how.

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