• To help Indian and Emerging Market Clients acquire the resources necessary for the growth of their business in India & other Emerging Markets – gain –  Customers, Distribution channels,     Alliances, Suppliers, Expertise, IT enablers, Investors, Investment opportunities
    • Business Model Appraisal, Strategic Shifts, Positioning of the firm & stake holder collaboration (Investors, suppliers, customers, alliances & Govt. bodies)
    • Competition Analysis and assessment of internal strengths and weaknesses of the firm
    • Review of Current Strategies & Strategy Audits
    • Long Term Planning
    • Business Activity monitoring for performance improvement
    • Vendor  evaluation
    • IT enabled MSS – Development of IT enabled management support systems – SCM, CRM, ERP, ERM, ASP, KMS and web based networking intranets & cloud computing / extranets
    • Marketing – Identification, evaluation, deal structure and negotiation support with potential customers, external alliances and distribution.
    • Marketing – Global growth & market penetration.
    • Financial strategies, planning and implementation by restructuring and fund raising & Joint Ventures
    • Interactive programs & Seminars – Design and Execution.
    • Internship programs development by – convergence initiative between academia & industry

    Our services are structured into projects, programs or workshops. We may customize a proposal for you once we have met and understood your organizations resource needs


Questions you need to ask yourself, when considering engaging us :
Do you believe that your business is doing well at the moment?
Do you believe that it will do well over the next 5 years?
Have you assessed your role in the global markets relevant to you, as they will develop in the future?
Have you substantiated your beliefs with information, analysis and clear reasoning, which are documented as your vision, strategies and plans (blue print)?
Have your stakeholders (Board/Partners, employees, customers, suppliers, influencing Govt. bodies) contributed to the development of this blue print?
If the answer is yes to all these questions and you still seek a validation through a second opinion you may give us a copy of this blue print and mandate us to validate the same for you. We will study the same, have meetings with you and provide our opinion. The assignment will be conducted mostly at our office and at your locations as and when necessary.
If the answer is no to all these questions then we can help you answer them and create a blue print. We will seek the necessary information from you and meet with you at regular intervals to develop this blue print.
Once this blue print has been made and/or validated and you desire that we spend some time with you to monitor the performance of the implementation and ensuing activities conducted to implement the blue print, we will do so for a period mutually decided upon at the time of such determination.
Once engaged by you, we will interact with our global and domestic network (our constantly developing supply chain of expertise) of professional, channels, alliances to help you acquire technology/ know how, develop your revenues by penetrating new markets, further developing existing ones, or meet your capital requirements and assist you in raising funds.
What is the role of an `Outsider? like Advanced Strategies in value creation exercises?
                 There is no debating the point that it is the people within the organization who have the best insights and understanding about the operations of an organization and are therefore, equipped to provide the required clarity in evolving the future corporate direction based on an in depth introspection about the various facets of operations. The Chief Executive Officer of the organization has to be the prime initiator of this process. Involving an ‘Outsider’ to provide support in the value creation effort is, however, desirable for the following reasons:
Any internal group is likely to be far too inward looking in its orientation;
The senior manager’s in an organization are often identified with strategies and policies that they have fashioned in the past, and are at times unable to bring forth any fresh strategic orientation;
Managers within the organization are sometimes bogged down in the stranglehold of their own corporate history, values and past practices;
Internal groups are often lacking in the skill of environmental scanning and organizational diagnosis; and
Since most managers have enormous operational and executive responsibilities, it is almost impossible for them to sustain value creation efforts, which requires substantial time commitment, in terms of their time availability.
Can an outsider like Advanced Strategies undertake value creation exercises for an organization on its own?
               Such an approach would have negative connotations for the following reasons:
Limited knowledge of the organization in terms of its technology, products, markets, financial resources & human resources;
Lack of adequate understanding about the cooperation and support from superiors, the organizational values, risk taking capabilities, organizational power equations and management style;
Inability to identify “resource persons” from within the organization and to collect internal data; and
Difficulty in evoking the required level of managers, within the organization.

Could Advanced Strategies help the client in implementing the recommendations? 
The Advanced Strategies team would provide the client with any help that is necessary for implementing the recommendations. We would conduct business activity monitoring and performance improvement exercises.